• Is the most essential feature of society mutual recognition or sufficient interaction?

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    摘要: There is no society without interaction, and only when there is interaction can it be called a society. In the definition of society, overemphasizing identity and belonging, and placing the importance of identity and belonging above interaction, is a narrowing of society and is not in line with reality. There is not only mutual recognition and cooperation, but also contradictions and disputes, which is the normal state of society. Although there can be close relationships between different species of animals, this relationship is often not an equal relationship, and the content is usually incomplete, and only some aspects are similar to society. It is necessary to define the category of society strictly between the same species. As for whether a society can be passed on from generation to generation, this should only be the result of the development and evolution of the society, not whether the society is a necessary prerequisite of a society. A social group that has existed in history but has become extinct is also a form of society, and it cannot be assumed that it is not a society just because it has become extinct.

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